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In SpaaaciouS , 2 players play as randomly generated, physics-based Weirdos. You have 30 seconds to make as much room as possible in your randomly generated appartment to make it super SpaaaciouS. Push furniture through the windows, break stuff (including the dog), anything counts!

SpaaaciouS is a Game Jam project, it was made for fun in 48 hours by 5 people during Jamming Assembly 2019.


  • Randomly generated Weirdos with their own corresponding name
  •  Randomly generated appartment layout
  • Physics based gameplay with object destruction
  • Original soundtrack and dynamic sound effects
  • Scoring system (% of room cleaned)
  • Quick cooperative, score-based matches (great for parties!)


Game by Phil Crifo, Benjamin Depourquery, Lila François, Théo Barrand, David Shum-King. Audio by Léo François.

Install instructions

How to play

  • You need 2 Local Players (Go out and make some friends!)
  • 2 Controllers (1 each) OR 1 Keyboard (Player1: WASD / Player2: OKLM)
  • Unzip file and launch 'spaaacious.exe
  • Use ALT+F4 to Quit (we forgot to add a Quit option)


SpaaaciouS.zip 112 MB


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Made a video


Thanks for playing! 😛


Thanks for playing! ☺️